This Is On You!

by Echo Zulu 21

U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class, Charles Keating, was recently Killed in Action in Northern Iraq. It’s on you, Commander in Chief. Our forces on the ground are under manned, under resourced and under appreciated by a White House staff of “leaders” who are incapable of making sound tactical and strategic decisions, because they are clouded by politics. An agenda that has failed miserably and puts politics before troop welfare. An agenda that dictated a timed and broadcasted troop withdrawal that created this current state of volatility and derailed a decade of progress within Iraq.

Our service members are deployed on a garbage advisory mission, that has them “advising” an incompetent and corrupt Iraqi Military. A mission that would have taken years to properly execute, but over inflated numbers on their operational effectiveness were reported by agenda driven White House “leaders” that use talking points as principles of war.

Charles Keating is on you, Commander In Chief. You tied the Pentagon’s hands limiting their military options and put US Forces in a situation that was destined for failure; your garbage policies are catastrophically useless to US Forces on the ground. We kicked the enemies  asses in 2007 – 2008 that stabilized the country paying the the price, only for Obama to give it all away in 2011 with his dereliction of duty withdrawing all US Forces. Now, it’s lost and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice … they are on you Mr. Obama. Your failed leadership have endangered US Forces and the United States of America. God help us.

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