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Resistance Hopscotch Movement

The Swamp      April 18th, 2018

Have you noticed how the Democrats, the party of Trump resistance, keep hopping from one subject of resistance to the next? Almost everything that happens in Washington DC these days is not about moving the country forward but about getting Trump; resisting the Trump presidency, country be damned! After he was elected, and before he took office, the Resistance Swamp Dwellers and the main stream media (MSM) loathers, organized and conspired to bring their daily barrage of hate filled rhetoric to the airwaves creating one conspiracy after the next, the Resistance Hopscotch Movement.

Red 1 is the Russian collusion accusations against Trump. Mask Hillary’s Uranium One deal, downplay over 30,000 classified and sensitive emails compromised on her private server and ignore the rigged DNC party nomination over Bernie through false Russian – Trump collusion allegations.

Yellow 2 accuse Trump of being mentally unstable.

Green 3 get DoJ Sessions to recuse himself from the Russian collusion investigation, appoint a special prosecutor and then set Trump up for obstruction of justice or lying to investigators. Use the Deep State to pressure from within.

Green 4 Ensure MSM continues to report 95% negative news on Trump repeating the Russian collusion narrative 24/7.

Blue 5 label Trump a racist and a bigot marginalizing him over the wall, attack his criticism of sanctuary cities and claim he is anti-immigration.

Yellow 6 label his tax cuts as “crumbs” to counter Americans keeping more of their hard earned money while stating the plan really benefits big business and the Trump organization.

Green 7 brand Trump a nationalist over his pullout of the TTP trade deal and the Paris Global Warming treaties, while threatening to reduce US involvement in NATO.

Yellow 8 storm Trump’s past history with woman to label him a misogynistic pig. Take full advantage of every woman that claims an allegation against him by elevating the story as featured news.

Blue 9 continue to claim Trump is unfit for office and should be impeached. Use democratic politicians and MSM to repeat the narrative daily through multiple news outlets. Make it a reality.

Red 10 circle back to the Russian collusion narrative when all else fails. Ensure Deep State activists withhold key evidence of the false orchestrated Russian collusion campaign that included the fake dossier, the illegal FISA warrant and the many bad actors that facilitated the false narrative in MSM and government.

While the democrats and MSM hopscotch from one false story to the next, American has grown bored of their resistance undermining America.


Trump Stumbles with Omnibus Bill

Dateline March 25, 2018

The Swamp

The Master of Art of the Deal got rolled, got played. He had a winning hand but allowed himself to be consumed and played by DC politics and a 2,000 page bill loaded with Democratic priorities and very few conservative ideals or priorities. How does this happen with Republican control of Congress?

Answer: Many, many RINOs masquerading as conservatives that are too enthralled with enriching themselves and failing to represent the people that elected them. 

Many Trump supporters (of which the 53rd Regiment is one) believe Trump had an ace up his sleeve and approved this bill because he has a plan (@hotfunkytown for one). Sadly, the 53rd firmly disagrees. He caved! He failed to take his case to the American people and use the bully pulpit. The Swamp has to be dealt with directly and upfront in your face. Chuck & Nancy won this round and @potus got sucked in by the two RINOs leading the House & Senate. Very sad. No Wall (33 miles is a joke!)! No DACA and Immigration bill … massive, excessive spending! When Sen. Schumer states, “the era of austerity is over,” Mr. Trump has totally failed his base!

The 53rd Regiment needs President Trump to regroup. Cleaning house within the Administration of Swamp Dwellers is a good start as Blackjack Pershing points out in Swamp Human Resource Problems, but Trump supporters expect the President to focus on America First! The omnibus bill should have been a slam dunk veto, quickly followed by an Oval Office address to the country calling out the American sellouts that orchestrated this awful piece of legislation.

The 53rd Regiment is highly disappointed in in President Trump. He has many, many wins in his first 15 months in office but signing this bill was his first major mistake and a big loser to the millions of patriots that support him. Sad, very sad! Mr. President, time to get tough and lead us out of decades of decay.



It’s not Facebook. It’s you.

Dateline March 22, 2018

The Missouri Territory

by Blackjack Pershing

Are we shocked that Facebook sold massive amounts of data to a 3rd party that used it for targeted advertising? No. That’s what they do. If you are upset or offended, you are simply misinformed.

Social media is an exchange. In exchange for a platform that lets you:
· Share pictures
· Share videos
· Broadcast live videos
· Maintain connections – including those with annoying people you never wanted to be connected to
· Share pictures of your lunch or dinner
· Pontificate about topics no one else wants to hear about
· Complain about just about anything

Facebook gets in return:
· Knowledge about where you go
· Knowledge about who your friends are
· Knowledge about your political leanings
· Knowledge about any particular interest you may have that results in a click of any sort

What does FB do with this knowledge or data?
· They monetize it.
· This is their business model

If you assumed differently, you might be a knucklehead. Grow up.

Blackjack Pershing is no fan of uber-douche Zuckerberg, or his lieutenant Miss Lean In Sandberg. They are elitist leftists of the first order. ‘Zuck’ gets credit for creating a useful social platform. He’s been rewarded for that. But he’s no icon to be worshiped. If you think harvesting data from dopey FB users is evil, you might be naïve. This has never been a secret.

Blackjack also uses FB for sharing information and humor and appreciates it as a tool, and is willing to make the above exchange, and accept the risks.

But really people – if you live on FB, you might be a loser. Even more – if you rely on the FB newsfeed for your news, you might be a loser. If you click on any random posting with sensational headlines that you know are BS, you might be a BIG DUMMY.

Smart American Patriots put effort into selecting their sources of information and do not let FB or any other social media site do it for them.

Lazy, silly, spoiled, narcissistic, neurotic dummies over-rely on FB and then get upset when they find out they’ve been had.

Gotta go and post a picture of my sandwich from lunch on FB –

Over and out –


Swamp Human Resources Problems

Dateline March 19, 2018

by Blackjack Pershing

Missouri Territory

“He should fire them at rallies” – Ann Coulter on the recent Trump Administration staff departures

Good HR polices and the Swamp it seems, have never met. Ever.

And the Swampian press that covers the Swamp and its bad people practices defends the status quo at all costs.

McCabe. Never has someone’s exit package or lack thereof become such an issue; the fact that every news organization is breathlessly reporting that Mr. McCabe lost his pension rights is moronic. Most Americans are not entitled to such a lavish pension as the one once available to Mr. McCabe. And most Americans who must work day in and out and are subject to rules of ethics, integrity and polite business behavior know that their employment can end abruptly if they do not comply with said rules. So the proper answer to reports of a pension denied to a rule breaker is ‘Do I look like I give a ____? Were rules broken? Were improprieties proven? Fine. Let’s move on.’

When people break integrity rules they get fired – almost everywhere. This is normal in the United States and necessary to maintain a civil society. Mr. McCabe should be far more worried about criminal charges than his pension.

Why do people get fired? A few reasons:
– Because they are ‘at will’ employees.That means you can be let go for no reason at all. Despite the litigious nature of our society, this is still true and legal in the US.

– Poor performance
– Bad fit; meaning they do not function well with the rest of the team
– Ethics and integrity: meaning they broke substantive rules; they lied; they stole; they cheated

It seems everyone in the media and in the Swamp lives outside these rules and assumes everyone gets a job for life. They don’t. That would be stupid, undermine progress, and lead us to what was the reality under communism in the Eastern Bloc Countries in the 20th century.

President Trump has presided over many departures. He says he likes turnover. Being fired in a tweet, or informed of your termination while on the toilet, as some have reported happened to Rex Tillerson, is unfortunate. Rex, however, is a big boy; he’s been a CEO of one of the most powerful companies on the planet. He’s got money. He will get over this. Who knows – he may have been relieved, as he relieved himself.

The President is managing how he likes to manage. It is not illegal. And we all knew what we were getting. It was not illegal to fire James Comey. It was not illegal to fire any of the White House staff that has been fired, many of whom remain loyal to the President.

Let’s compare the Trump firings to one that stands out; George W Bush’s firing of Don Rumsfeld in 2006 came about after Congress turned. Bush openly admitted that he was making the change due to the change in congress. Bush hang on to Rumsfeld for 6 years, during which many mistakes were made in the execution of the two active wars at the time (most notably abandoning the ‘Powell Doctrine’ in favor of ‘Shock and Awe’) This was the standard Swamp employment model. Employ a loyal stalwart until politics and the public can no longer stand them. Rummy along with Dick Cheney became the bogey men for the leftist media at the time. Bush should have relieved Mr. Rumsfeld as early as 2003 as the initial results of the war proved the predicted occupation force levels of General Eric Shinseki correct.

To be clear, Black Jack Pershing likes Rumsfeld; but he suffered from a ‘job fit’ problem. He simply was not the man for the times, at that time. In other roles, for example running the IRS, he could have been magnificent.

Trump is operating at Trump Speed, not Swamp speed. A trump year is like 5 years of Swamp speed. Those relieved of duty, whether it was Reince Preibus, Steve Bannon, or Sean Spicer actually served 5 times or more length of service than their Swampian detractors would admit, as they were working at TRUMP speed, not SWAMP speed. Even the Mooch, who lasted but a week, was really there for 5 weeks in Swampian time.

The 53rd has regularly reported that disruption is uncomfortable in the Swamp. Recent shrieking about firings simply proves that to be true.

As for those of us outside the swamp? We think Ann Coulter might be right. Can you imagine the warmth and generous applause that could have been awarded to Rex Tillerson as he was axed at a Trump Rally?

“Great to be with you here in Kansas City! I love the heartland! Missouri loves me! We were up but almost 20 points here! I am going to bring out Big Rex Tillerson for one BIG last round of applause!!! Rex come on out! The people love you Rex! Rex is a great man, a great man, ladies and gentleman!! His wife is great too and he has a great family! We love you Rex but it’s time for you to go! Mad Dog is waiting for you over there with some parting gifts. Ok there he goes ladies and gentlemen – let’s all wave goodbye! Ok let’s get Mike Pompeo out here – you’re gonna love him, trust me!”

It could work.


The Media Industrial Complex

Dateline February 10th, 2018 

The Swamp

While it is clear the Obama Administration weaponized the FBI, DoJ and Intelligence Community against the Trump Campaign, the Media Industrial Complex (MIC) has no curiousity as the US Constitution and civil liberties were tore to shreds. As the phony dossier was used as the basis to get court approval for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Agency (FISA) wiretap, the US federal government was unleashed against Trump and his associates. Special Prosecutor Mueller should refocus 100% of his energies and resources on these crimes but the question remains, is he part of the MIC Coupe? The coming six months should reveal how strong the Deep State is and how an unlikely President revealed decades of corruption within our government.  

Dateline December 21st, 2017 – Original Article follows:

The Media Industrial Complex (MIC), a committee of the top five failing news media outlets in the US (CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times, The Washington Post, CBS and ABC/ESPN), has self-imposed their collective purpose to destroy the Trump presidency by reporting falsehoods, conspiring with the Democratic Party and creating fake news 24/7 to ensure everything they report on the Trump presidency is negative. Like the Chinese Politburo Standing Committee (PSC) or former Soviet Union they believe they can control public opinion and ensure a failed Trump presidency through lies and manipulation. To quote Candidate Trump from the debate stage, “wrong!” Their negativity and fake news is the wind in Trump’s sail. The MIC is a threat to America as they work to shape thought and punish those that disagree with them. 

It’s ironic that President Trump, not always a man of virtue like most of us, is built to take on decades of institutional rot in government, the economy, foreign policy and the failing MIC. It is priceless to watch the media elites struggle and demonstrate their fragile psyches trying to match wit with a president they treat with such little regard as they own the headlines and airwaves each day. However, in 140 characters or less, President Trump puts them on the ropes, knocks them down on the mat and showcases them for the elites that they really are. The most amazing thing overall that Americans have learned from Trump is the MIC is composed of liars, incompetents and sycophants that conspire each day to undermine America and undermine the American voters that put President Trump in office.

Put yourself in Trump’s shoes for a minute and think about the media assaults and deep state attacks he withstands each day.  Most people would wilt or quit under this relentless pressure. Not Trump. Like President Lincoln said of General Grant, “he fights” and it is a glorious thing to observe. Here is a billionaire President who is putting America First centering policy on the “forgotten man” and putting allies and foes alike on notice directly telling them the United States will not be taken advantage of anymore. No more apologies, no more bad trade deals and no more remaining silent while Americans, the Forgotten Man, continues to be on the losing end of the deal.

President Trump has exposed the Media Induistrial Complex, the political establishment and lobbyists that reside in The Swamp for the self-serving lot that they are. For the last several decades the will of the American people has been secondary to special interests, political correctness and the whims of the elites while Congress and The Swamp enriched themselves at the expense of the American people. It took a blue collar billionaire to fully expose what most Americans suspected; the 53rd Regiment finds it refreshing to watch President Trump put the twitter spotlight on the failing MIC (CNN, MSNBC, the NY Times, The Washington Post, CBS and ABC/ESPN) while the establishment and elitists scatter like cockroaches looking for cover under old appliances and cabinets.




Lent in the Swamp

Dateline The Midwest, February 8, 2018

By Black Jack Pershing

As we approach Ash Wednesday in many Christian traditions we reflect and consider what we can ‘give up’ or make a sacrifice for in recognition of Christ’s 40 days fasting in the desert as told in the new Testament.  With this in mind we recommend some Lenten sacrifice for the denizens of the Swamp; perhaps some sacrifice might send them onto a greater journey of redemption.  Yes – hard to fathom that, but hope reigns eternal!

John McCain:

We suggest the Senator give up his seat in the US Senate.  Yes, this is a major sacrifice for the so called maverick, as he defines himself by this job in this late stage of his life.  Given his serious health concerns we suggest this sacrifice might lead to more enlightenment, time with family, and perhaps even redemption as he also gives up other sins like revenge, retribution, and being a generally awful republican.  One could argue ‘but isn’t the Senate God’s waiting room anyway?’ – but we argue the good Senator has a perfectly good ranch in AZ he can use to watch the sun set.

Little Adam Schiff:

We suggest the proper Lenten sacrifice for this emerging boil on the rump of the House of Representatives would be giving up being in front of TV cameras for several months, which would have the added benefit of allowing him to give up lying – at least in front of TV Cameras – which he seems to do every day.

Crazy Nancy Pelosi:

Nancy actually claims to be a practicing Catholic so maybe she has plans for a Lenten sacrifice.  Like Senator McCain, Nance should consider giving up her congressional seat to someone more in tune with reality.  Time to go Nance!  Nancy may also want to consider giving up calling President Trump ‘President Bush’ constantly, and oh why not – maybe Nance can give up some of her millions to the federal treasury which she is so fond of raiding…..

Robert Mueller:

Lurch 2.0 may want to consider giving up his phony baloney investigation.  Just a thought.

Leakin James Comey:

Former Head of the FBI has already given up his job and his dignity via twitter.  Maybe the next thing to give up is his citizenship before a grand jury is summoned.  Some of us might be ok with him heading to a 3rd world state that doesn’t extradite felons to the US.

NFL ‘Commish’ Roger Goodell

Ok Roj, you made it through a traumatic season for the NFL, in which your personal biases won out against your business instincts, if indeed you have any.  We recommend you give up your job and surrender it to a proper tough guy to lead the NFL; maybe someone like former Steelers coach Bill Cowher, or even Bill Belechick despite our distaste for him – he may be unpleasant and a deflater, but we know he’s a patriot and a NE Patriot.  Rog – if ya can’t go, then we recommend you give up being a big dummy and run the NFL in a way the majority of your fans would like to see it run, with respect for our anthem and flag.

Michael Moore, Rosie, Whoopie, Harvey, and other bloated liberal gas bags: for you we recommend old school Catholic lent: no cookies, cake, bread, desserts of any kind, snacks to include potato chips, doritos, tortilla chips, etc.  We discern your bad attitues and general meanness to be caused by blood sugar spikes related to poor diet and lack of exercise.  So – let’s start with putting down the cake and go from there.

Mitch McConnell: Mitch its time to give up the 60 vote filibuster rule, only put in place in the 1970’s.  Time to rock and roll on @POTUS’ agenda, dude.

Hillary: like Leakin Jim, Hillary may want to start exploring real estate in the third world; but for now we recommend Hillary give up telling the world all of the reasons she lost that have nothing to do with her.

Very Fake Newsmen Acosta, Tapper, Cooper, Schmoe, Mika, Stelter, Stephanopolis et al:

We ask these non-heroic ‘journalists’ to consider giving up inserting biased and opinion into hard news.  We do not expect any of them to comply, but we do ask nonetheless.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page: we ask that you give yourselves up and in fact turn yourselves in and maybe, just maybe in exchange for complete cooperation you’ll get a plea deal.

Senator Jeff Flake: he should give up making speeches on the floor of the senate when no one is there or when no one cares what he thinks – which is basically all the time.

Rep Frederica ‘Flintstone’ Wilson: obviously Frederica should give up talking and give up the dopey hats – neither of which is likely.

@POTUS: Donald, per the doc’s advice, maybe more walking, a bit of weight lifting, and getting down to one Big mac a day would be good.  That’s it.

Those are all the Lenten thoughts from Black Jack Pershing – please leave a comment with yours!





#SchumerShutdown – Update

The Swamp, Dateline January 22nd, 2018

Senator Schumer has parked the Clown Car on the democratic side of the Senate parking garage and he has graciously de-linked DACA from a continuing resolution to fund the federal government. So, in other words, we are where President Trump was three days ago. We  have a miracle only hours ago, a bill passed to keep the government open. The #SchumerShutdown nightmare is over.

With key advisors like Sen. Dick Durbin, Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Bernie Sanders, who needs friends?! Wow, the Clown Car occupants are scattering like roaches hit by light in the middle of the night. They have moved under the appliances known as CNN and MSNBC to provide cover and fake news!

Original article below published January 19th, 2018

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), 800 thousand of them whom arrived illegally, are being prioritized by Democrats over the rights of 320 million tax paying American citizens . Even though the current illegal DACA arrangement implemented by an illegal Executive Order by former President Obama is not due to expire until March 5th, 2018, the Democrats (#SchumerShutdown) are NOT willing to pass a continuous resolution to fund the government.

Couple questions:

  1. Is this a cover-up and a distraction to the cover-up of the phony dossier and Democratic Party collusion with a British Spy and phony dossier?
  2. So the Dems are prioritzing illegals “rights” over the tax paying rights of citizens of the United States?
  3. The Dems are willing to let the military and their families go without pay while we are at war? By the way, Congress still gets paid in a government shutdown. Isn’t that interesting. Different rules for the ruling elite.
  4. Was the #shithole fake news episode really about the set-up to DACA? Of course it was! But the fake news will not report this.




The Swamp, Dateline January 19th, 2018

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), 800 thousand of them whom arrived illegally, are being prioritized by Democrats over the rights of 320 million tax paying American citizens . Even though the current illegal DACA arrangement implemented by an illegal Executive Order by former President Obama is not due to expire until March 5th, 2018, the Democrats (#ShumerShutdown) are NOT willing to pass a continuous resolution to fund the government.

Couple questions:

  1. Is this a cover-up and a distraction to the cover-up of the phony dossier and Democratic Party collusion with a British Spy and phony dossier?
  2. So the Dems are prioritzing illegals “rights” over the tax paying rights of citizens of the United States?
  3. The Dems are willing to let the military and their families go without pay while we are at war? By the way, Congress still gets paid in a government shutdown. Isn’t that interesting. Different rules for the ruling elite.
  4. Was the #shithole fake news episode really about the set-up to DACA? Of course it was! But the fake news will not report this.

So Dems, to quote Dirt Harry, “you feel lucky punk?” Go ahead, shut her down!


The Clown Car is Rolling

The Swamp, Dateline January 17th, 2018

The Clown Car that is the White House Press Pool was on full display yesterday interrogating the White House physician, Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson on President Trump’s health. Much to their disappointment, Dr. Jackson declared President Trump to be in “excellent health.”

As the phony Russian dossier and collusion loses steam,  the press pushes a new false narrative that the president has dementia, or early onset Alzheimer’s disease or some other psychosis that would build the case to remove him from office. Once again, the press was very disappointed with the results when Dr. Jackson explained the  cognitive exam he administered on President Trump resulted in a perfect score of 30 out of 30 questions answered correctly.

Here are a few of the “serious” questions asked by the press in the Clown Car during yesterday’s press conference:

ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl asked, “Can you explain to me how a guy who eats McDonald’s and fried chicken and all those Diet Cokes and who never exercises is in as good of shape as you say he’s in?”

NBC News reporter Hallie Jackson noted that Trump’s weight put him just shy of obesity, based on body mass index, and asked the doctor, “You’re confident of that number? Dr. Jackson said yes.

Other gems included:

“Does the president watch too much TV?”

“Is he limited to one scoop of ice cream?”

“Did you address drug addiction?”

Much to the Clown Cars disappointment, President Trump is in “excellent health.” However, this hasn’t put their narrative to bed as they continue to question Dr. Jackson’s exam, the president’s health and his fitness to office. The only thing slowing the clown car down on this topic is #shithole gate which is the presses new foil for Trump being a racist. Clown Car madness continues.

On a more serious note, there are a few Clown Car questions:

  1. Who is driving the Clown Car? MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough or CNN’s Jay Tapper or maybe Jim Acosta
  2. Is the Clown Car gas,  electric or foot powered?
  3. Is Keith Olberman or Stephen Colbert in charge of honking the horn?
  4. Did MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow or Laurence O’Donnell design the clown outfits?
  5. Who is funding the Clown Car?
  6. Who are the Dark Clowns? 


Year End Performance Reviews

 by Black Jack Pershing

Dateline St. Louis, Mo December 17th, 2017

Hello 53rd Nation!  Here are the year end performance evaluations for a number of noteworthy characters shaping our world. Please note that despite many different ratings systems available we will use the traditional letter grade system for easy understanding.  In addition we will assign an Agility rating to each (scale 1 to 10, 10 being highest/most effective).  Why?  Because in our era, there is perhaps no more defining personal trait than agility.  Speed and adaptation define winners in our era of disruption; you may have seen me write about disruption before.  OK – let’s get into it and if you are unaware of any of these people, google them instead of annoying others and asking about them.  It’s 2017 for the love of God.  Stop asking annoying questions.

Diamond & Silk: A+ with extra credit.  Queens of new media; truth tellers.  Entertainers.  Bowl of Stupid better than any late night leftist apologist ‘comedian’.  Pace setting original thinkers and willing to go against the grain.  Agility rating: 7

Judge Moore: F-; weirdo.  Not self aware.  Not honest.  Embarrassing.  Not good for Alabama.  I won’t impune all republicans over this particular circus, and for the Judge, nothing alleged has been proven.  He’s just a throw back weirdo that symbolizes too much of what has been wrong in the south.  Agility rating: 0

Steve Bannon: D.  Coulda been an A or B, but not willing to change when confronted with a bad situation.  Who says you’re right about everything, Steve?  Chill out, Fat Head.   Interesting persona and definitely strategic and can be effective.  He may not have enough people around him willing to push back.  He’s also unhealthily obese.  Not good.   Agility rating: 3

Ann Coulter: C+.  Consistently hysterical but often wrong.  Only cares about the wall. Good but other things happening too.  Agility rating: 3.

James Woods: A.  Brilliant.  Rare Hollywood iconoclast.  Devastating twitterer.   A bright spot.  Agility: 8

Scott Adams: A.  Dilbert creator also a spot on pundit.  Good video chats on Twitter.  Emerging thought leader.  Agility: 9

Mark Zuckerberg: D.  Elitist.  Typical rich person who doesn’t get working class Americans.  Went on a lame tour across the country to visit with ‘average’ Americans.  Nauseating moronic self indulgence.  Seems conflicted about his creation, Facebook, which is really a ghetto of self promotion, a robust platform for narcissists, and enables every form of crap behavior that your good and decent mother told you not to do. (It is a great sharing platform)  He’s enabled by many sycophants and likely will not move to wisdom any time soon.  Biggest sin: advocates universal income at the advent of bots and AI.  This is what happens when you skip college and do not learn the humanities.  Agility: 5

Robert Mueller: D-.  Swamp Master.  Deep State product.  Retired Security Guard. Hermann Munster.  Unimpressive.  Agility: 4

James McCloughan: A+.  Latest Medal of Honor Recipient.  Recognized for acts of heroism as a medic during the Vietnam War.  Agility: 10  (note – McClouhan refused to take the medal unless an overlooked Purple Heart was awarded to a buddy of his that never got the award due to an administrative error).  
Pope Francis: C+.  Has some encouraging tendencies such as publicly embracing the disabled and others rejected by most.  He preaches mercy which Christ did, and truly we all need.  He’s made valiant attempts to clean up the finances and perverse tendencies of the curia at the Vatican. He’s also called out the Devil as being real and not to be trifled with and improved the exorcism capabilities of the church.  Hard headed orthodox Roman Catholics don’t give him credit for these things.  He has also introduced ambiguity to some areas of teaching and tended to embrace and cozy up to liberal politicians and their views.  He’s a very mixed bag.  Agility: 5
Angela Merkel: D+.  Survives because the German economy is powerful.  She’s somehow choreographed the right mix of socialism and capitalism the German public seems to enjoy.  She’s be a B+ if she had not led the chaotic policy on migrants that has now threatened the security of most of Europe.  In the process she’s angered many in Germany.  Might be time for the old mare to move along.  Agility: 3
Elon Musk: B.  Brilliant businessman.  Leading thought and tech development in needed areas.  Doesn’t seem to care if his company is eventually put out of business by the traditional auto makers and has even been open about sharing trade secrets.  Doing good work on solar tech which may pay off.  Also, like Zuckerberg, is a nerd and can be annoying.  Less shrill and mouthy, though.  Agility: 8
Richard Branson: D-.  Big dope.  Agility: 5
Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Matt Lauer, Louis CK, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, John Conyers, and the rest: F-.  Finally caught.  Leftists.  Arrogant.  Hubris.  Elitists.  No understanding of working class America.  Agility: -2.  
Elizabeth Warren: F.  Big dope.  Opportunist.  Tedious gas bag.  Agility: 2
Chuck and Nancy’: F.  Cartoons.  Boring.  Predictable.  Full of it.  Snooze inducing.  Sad!  Agility: 2
Mike Pence: A; calm in the midst of the storm.  Loyal.  Serious.  Underrated. Tough.  Unflappable.  Agility: 8.
Rex Tillerson: B-.  Might be most misunderstood in Trump Administration.  Works.  Tough.  Stoic.  May need to improve perceptions and communication skills.  Former career may hamper his ability to deal with an unconventional leader like Trump.  Agility: 5
Eric Greitens: A.  Bad ass.  Exceeding expectations.  High potential outside of MO.  Agility: 8
George W Bush: F.  kept his mouth shut during 8 years of BO blaming anything and everything on him.  He gave saintly lectures on how it was inappropriate to bad mouth the current POTUS,   Now he’s taking veiled swipes at the current president.  This has made Black Jack Pershing take a harder look at the mistakes of the Bush era,  He did in fact screw up the Iraq War with a flawed strategy.  So he now gets a BIG DUMMY badge for being biased and inconsistent.  Done with you, W.  You let me down, BIGLY.  Dope.  Agility: 2 
George HW Bush.  One week GHWB is quoted as bad mouthing the current POTUS.  The next week begins the string of dozens of women saying he groped them, going all the way back to his presidency.  He was weak then, blew his credibility with a tax increase and never finished the job with Iraq.  Another BIG DUMMY, who was doing the hip bump with Bubba Clinton for two many years.  Done with you GHWB.  Shoulda kept your mouth shut.  Bad form. Agility: 1
John McCain: D-.  Sad way to go out – bickering with POTUS and taking pot shots while getting applause from the left.  Smarter move would have been to stay principled and put ego aside in favor of the long term future of the country.  Black Jack respects the Senator personally but finds his butt wipe antics – what the word?  SAD!  Agility: 2
James Comey: F.  big Dope!  Swamp personified.  Agility: 6.  He’s an excellent weasel!
Melania Trump: A.  Lovely.  Agility: 6
CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN: F.  Fake news.  Circling the drain right now.  Agility: 0
Roger Goodell: F.  Legitimate idiot.  Proves that the NFL is not a business and is not about the fans.  Elitist.  Leftist.  Pig at the trough.  Agility: -3
Chinese Premiere Xi: B, grudgingly.  Smart and cagey.  A tough adversary.  Not going anywhere anytime soon.  Agility: 7
Jeff Sessions: F.  Acting like a swamp product.  Might be the years in the Senate made him forget how to work.  Basically a BIG DUMMY right now.  What’s he done?  Agility: 1
Kim Jong Il: F-;  Crazy fat kid.  Mattis should be the thought leader on his imminent disposal.  Agility: 4, grudgingly.  
Theresa May: D-.  Sad!  Can’t hold Maggie Thatcher’s girdle.  Politically correct and zero stiff upper lip.  Get on with the Brexit already, Aunty T!  Agility: 1
Sarah Huckabee Sanders: A+.  Tough.  Smart.  Funny.  Dignified.  Humble.  Takes no crap.  Might be best press secretary in my lifetime.  Agility: 9
NFL Owners: F.  Billionaire elitists.  Scum of the earth.  Deserve to be disrupted and put out of business.  Lower than Goodell who is their willing idiot.  Scummers and pigs.  Go away.  Agility: 2
Hillary Clinton: F-.  Sad!  Cannot move on.  Should be in jail.  Horrific.  Agility: -2
Peggy Noonan: D.  Sad elitist relic of an earlier time.  Manhattan dweller who doesn’t get most Americans.  Might be time for the home, Peggy.  Occasionally writes great columns when she wants to be objective – but increasingly she can’t.  Agility: 1
The 53rd Regiment: A.  Fine example of our 1st Amendment rights as Americans and an excellent use of the internet.  Timely and sharp.  Agility: 8
Donald J. Trump: B.  Assuming the tax package is delivered, that and Gorsuch are ‘A’ level activities.  There have been missed opportunities as well.  Mishandled the Charlotte, Virginia situation by not knowing when to shut up.  Entertaining, disruptive, smart, sharp, fast, perceptive, respectful and supportive of the Military.  Gives the vapors to the swamp.  Elitists hate him.  Lots to like for Black Jack Pershing, who loves watching the elitists fall on their fainting couches at every inappropriate tweet.  Let’s see if he can raise his game.    
That’s enough for this year’s performance reviews.  Did I miss someone?  Leave a performance review in the comments!