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New Year’s Resolutions for MAGA Patriots and Deplorables

By Blackjack Pershing, @Blakjakpershing on GETTR
Dateline: 1 January 2022

It’s 2022 and a time of renewal.  MAGA World has lots to do, lots on its plate and the new year is a great time to set forth resolutions that will guarantee our success.  Here are my recommendations for all patriots who operate in freedom of thought, conscience and spirit.

  • We commit that ‘we all know’ Trump won, the swing state vote was rigged and stolen, Biden never got 80+ million votes, and we do not intend to ever stop talking about it.
  • We will sound off.  We will be present and BE HEARD as digital soldiers and fight the battle we are in, and not be distracted by RINO’s who tell us to move on.  We will improve our intensity and our effectiveness.
  • We commit that ‘January 6th’ is a false construct put forth by the angry Stalinists in the democrat party and their party press – the MSM.  We do not buy it and will not put up with it.
  • We assert that pandemic is over, the omicron variant is the last we are willing to engage in any way, and that we will not let the Stalinist Left use the China Virus to control the next election.
  • We will challenge useless mandates, lockdowns and idiotic restrictions that the Stalinist Left is driving.
  • We assert that we will not forget that it was CHINA that unleashed the virus on the world, whether on purpose or by accident, and that we will demand reparations to the economic damage it did to us.
  • As my friends on the Grace Force podcast often assert, we will develop ourselves physically to be prepared for the spiritual and mental battles ahead.  In essence we all know the forces of the Stalinist left are demonic.  One look at the horrific visages of Pelosi, The View cast, and any democrat leader confirms it.  Stay healthy, in shape and alert to fight the demonic left.  Improve your mental and physical fitness.
  • We will fight hard in all elections in ‘22, local, state and national.  We will eliminate the Liz Cheneys from the Republican Party and ensure it is a MAGA party.  It is truly time to ‘throw the bums out’.
  • We will sound off on the ongoing embarrassment that is the Biden administration.  We will rise up to stop their insane policies.
  • When the time comes for China Joe to step down in dementia fog and/or scandal/embarrassment, we will count on reputable organizations to petition for the reinstatement of President Trump.  The easiest mechanism for this to happen goes like this: Joe resigns, Kamala assumes the presidency but then due to the nature of her own pending criminal charges, nominates Donald Trump as VP, the senate approves him, and then Kamala promptly resigns to avoid impeachment and imprisonment.  We will work for this outcome.
  • We will reject Critical Race theory, we will reject rewriting history, we will reject Stalinist Left thinking.
  • We will get Trump’s Garden of Heroes reactivated.
  • We will not buy any products from China
  • We will publicly challenge companies and organizations that cooperate with China
  • We will publicly challenge individual buffoons that cooperate with China, like Ray Dalio and Lebron James.
  • We will celebrate heroes who stand up to China like Enes Kanter Freedom
  • In summary, 2022 is when we see visible results in turning the tide on the demonic forces of the left, those that come from inside our country and those that come from outside it too.
  • Did I miss a resolution?  Please leave yours in the comments.


We All Know

by 53rd Editorial Board            November 15, 2021

We all know Trump won the 2020 election. It was not even close.

We all know the Democratic Party cheated in Milwaukee, Atlanta, Detroit, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Philadelphia. We all went to bed that night with President Trump having insurmountable leads in Wisconsin, Georgia,  Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Somehow, without merit and breaking media norms and precedent Foxnews and the fraud Chris Wallace called Arizona early for Biden.

We all know that the DNC and democrats are using mail in ballots and extended voting windows to cheat.

We all know in certain democratic controlled areas dominion voting machine are connected to the internet.

We all know BigTech colluded with the Democratic Party to push favorable Biden news reports and censored Trump on all their platforms only reporting negative news.

We all know the fake news frauds at Fox, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of them colluded to cover up “the laptop from hell” and Hunter Biden’s criminal dealings with China, Russia and hookers among other questionable behaviors.

We all know the Big Guy is Joe Biden and he received 10% kickbacks from Hunter leveraging his positions of government authority for financial gain.

We all know Joe is shot!

We all know Hunter is not an artist.

We all know that the Main Stream Media (#MSM) is very fake and littered with leftists, socialists and statists.

We all know that the #letsgobrandon movement is not only national but it is now an international movement. And we all know what #LGB really stands for. #FJB

We all know that Build Back Better is BS and all about making America a socialist country.

We all know that whatever is woke turns to shit!

We all know that America never leaves its citizens and Allies behind like  Biden did in Afghanistan.

We all know that the Green New Deal is all garbage and about confiscating wealth from America’s middle class to control us.

We all know that the COVID19 mandates are anti-American and about taking away our rights.

We all know that Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer are tyrants and they do not care about what the people think.

We all know that the Democratic Party is compromised of socialists, incompetents and people that no longer believe in the promise of America.

We all know that the Democratic Party uses race to divide us, as a wedge issue and to keep the poor dependent on government programs.

We all know that the Democratic Party and Joe Biden cannot be trusted with our children.

There are many other things we all know. Please share your thoughts of what you know in the comments section below.

Be Heard America!